Lauren Alsborg

Lauren Alsborg trains horses and riders in the hunter, jumper, and equitation rings. Lauren has personal show experience in all three rings with competition miles including A rated hunter derbies and open jumper classes up to 1.30m. Lauren has a knack for working with young horses. She has successfully started several horses under saddle by using a combination of natural horsemanship and dressage fundamentals to promote a quiet, safe and rideable horse. With her students, Lauren focuses on mastering the fundamentals with a focus on rhythm, balance and feel. Lauren aims to help each student better understand their individual horse in order to achieve a smooth and seamless ride in a course. Lauren has extensively trained with International Grand Prix Rider Ricardo Villa, Kelly Kocher, and Jodie Roberson and has attended clinics with Chris Kappler, George Morris, Anne Kursinski, Jeff Cook, and Joe Fargis from which she has gained a wealth of knowledge of different riding styles and training techniques.

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